Quincy's 1974 Beetle

Exterior: Billet running boards
Bumpers: Briz billet with shock brackets
Wheels: Empi polished 8 spoke
Tires: Dunlop front 195/50/15 & Dunlop rear 205/60/15
Suspension:  two inch dropped spindles in the front, KYB shocks
Brakes: all new brake cylinders

Engine: - 1835cc
            - chrome engine tin
            - chrome engine parts
            - new clutch plate
            - lightened flywheel
            - chrome firewall                        
Exhaust: Monza Quad tip muffler

Interior: yellow seatcovers
             TMI carpet with 1/2 inch insullation underneath
             billet window cranks
             Empi short shifter                 
Lights: all new lenses & new chrome headlights

Future plans: - dual carbs for extra power
                    - stereo with amps, woofers & glow sticks
                    - installing new front seats
                    - turning the back seat into a big fiberglass speaker box    
Owner: Quincy W.  from Atlanta