Kevin's 1965 Speedster

Engine: - 1600cc 8V boxer Subaru
            - watercooled

            - 90HP
            - K&N airfilter
            - special flywheel
: - original from a 1300cc 
Exhaust :  - home-made 2x80mm Inox  
Suspension :-KYB special bug suspension   
                   -front lowered with adjustable beam +/- 5"
                   -rear +/- 3" lowered

: -front 1600cc diskbreaks
             -rear automatic drum brakes             
Wheels: -Porsche Cup Turbo 7.5 * 17'
Tyres:    -215/40

Exterior :   -special fronthood with airintake for cooling
                -runningboards home-made in alu
                -red painted brakes
                -4 blue stoboscopes under the car           
                -American head & rear lights
                -chrome removal
                -bumper removal 
             -mirrors from an Opel Manta GSI
                -color Maritimblue Porsche                 
Interior :    -black Sparco racingseats
                -Sabelt red racing safety-belts
                -leather steeringwheel 320mm 4-spokes (grey-black)
                -leather doorpanels (grey-black)
                -alu pedals, door & window handles
                -black floormats

Owner: Kevin Callant (18 years),
           Hofstade-Zemst, Belgium