Ian's 1969 Beetle

Type: 1969 Beetle 1500 model
Future plan: Metallic grey sides
Exterior: Dark blue
Suspension: Lowered front end with sway away adjusters 3,5 inch
                   Front: special oil shocks absorbers
                   Bump steer kit,  long travel joints, camber compensators
                   Beam spacing shims
                   Rear: gas self adjusting shocks

Braking: Front standard disk brakes
Wheels: Porsche Fusch 16 inch front 6 inch wide & rear 7 inch wide
             Porsche  magnesium wheel nuts
Tyres: Front 196/45/16 & rear 225/50/16

Engine: 1641 cc
            Engle 110 cam
            High ratio rockers
            Lightened & balanced crank and flywheel
            Twin weber 34 ICT carbs
            Bosch 009 distributor
Exhaust: Bugpack manifold with turbo trip muffler or stinger
Special: The stinger is home made from an original boat tail pipe
            out of a James Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough"  

Interior: Mountney wooden steering wheel
             911 front seats on home made brackets
             BMW 540 battery
             Bugpack quick shift gear lever 
             8 ball bear knob   
ICE: Sony remote control stereo

Owner: Ian from Chalfont St Peter - Great Britain
Contact: ianryder@lineone.net