David's '73 Striped Avenger

Pepsi Blue & Olympic White 
15" Crager Chrome slots w/ Mohawk Predator
Fiberglass sun visor 
Fiberglass wide flared fenders 
72' Tail lights 
All new chrome 
Roadboy 55watt Fog lights 
Custom made color matched bra 
Baby Turbo driver side mirror

1600cc Rebuilt Stock engine 
New heater boxes 
Kadron glass packed Exhaust 
All new brake lines and a long with all new brakes and master cylinder 

Custom reupholstered interior done by my Dad in which looks beautiful. 
Custom painted dash board 
15" Neon Blue light 
Neon Blue Strobe light under dash

Owner: David from Allentown PA - USA
Contact: dave@vwgti.com
Site: http://www.vwgti.com