Sunday the 10th of February

Mol is a big indoor swapmeet for aircooled VW parts.
Together with the swapmeet there's
also a small gathering of VW's outdoor.
Check out the pics & have a look at Bob's '49 split
and that nicely slammed & BRM'd notch.

site_mol2002_01.JPG site_mol2002_02.JPG site_mol2002_03.JPG site_mol2002_04.JPG site_mol2002_05.JPG
site_mol2002_06.JPG site_mol2002_07.JPG site_mol2002_08.JPG site_mol2002_09.JPG site_mol2002_10.JPG
site_mol2002_11.JPG site_mol2002_12.JPG site_mol2002_13.JPG site_mol2002_14.JPG site_mol2002_15.JPG
site_mol2002_16.JPG site_mol2002_17.JPG site_mol2002_18.JPG site_mol2002_19.JPG site_mol2002_20.JPG